Here’s The Deal…

So here’s the skinny on what’s going on here.

A short while ago, I was challenged by a good friend of mine, who basically told me in a round about way that I’ve got a lot to share, a lot to give, and I’m just sitting on it. This really made me think. So I went about trying to figure out some ways in which I could give away what I’ve been given.

There’s a principle that says, where your passions, talents and opportunities intersect, that’s the place where you will thrive and make a lasting and significant impact on the world around you. I love to cook, I love to do life with people, and I love to write.  Here I have a platform from which to share all of this. Whether it’s a new recipe, an experience, or a reflection on this life I find myself in the middle of, I am setting out to share it all with you!

There will be more to come. But for now, let me leave you with the same challenge I encountered. You – yes YOU – have a lot to share with the people around you.  Where do your passions, talents, and opportunities intersect?  What are you doing about it?


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