Vegan Buffalo Potato Wedges


3 russet potatoes

1 Can butter beans

¾ C Frank’s RedHot

1 tbsp Vinegar

Olive Oil


Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

House Spice

To Prepare:

Cut the potatoes in the wedges. Using a bowl, toss the potato wedges with some olive oil, coating all of them in a thin layer of oil. Spread them out on a baking sheet and season them with house spice. Put them in the oven (preheated to 350º) for 15-20 minutes, or until they start to turn golden brown.

Heat the butter beans in a light bath of water. This can be in the microwave or on the stove, as long as they get hot. Once they’re hot, dump them in a bowl and smash them thoroughly with a fork. Adding a little water, you should be able to use a colander or strainer to separate the bean innards from the bean skins. Once you have the strained bean paste, add the vinegar and the Frank’s RedHot, stir until it reaches a nice soupy consistency (you might need to add a bit of water to the bean paste).

Once it reaches a uniform color, add garlic powder, onion powder and salt to taste, then pour it into a small sauce pan and simmer over low heat for 5-10 minutes, making sure to stir it periodically.

When the potatoes are done baking, put them on a plate and pour the Buffalo sauce over top.

Serve with guac & green pepper salad:

2 Avocados (mashed)

1 green bell pepper (diced)

1/2 onion (diced)

1 lime (squeezed)

season with house spice to taste


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