Chicken, Steak, & Onions


Steak (the more choice the cut, the better this will turn out)

Chicken Tenderloins (thighs or drums would work as well)

Sweet Red Onion (2-4 depending on size)

To Prepare:

Season the steak with your choice of steak seasoning.  I used an A1 black pepper steak seasoning.  I’ve also had good results with Montreal steak seasoning, or a simple garlic pepper, both of which you can find in the spice section of your local grocery store.

Next, cut your red onions horizontally creating rings, but don’t separate the rings yet.  They grill better when they’re all seated inside one another.  Generously sprinkle garlic pepper on both sides of the onion sections, then drizzle them with olive oil enough to lightly coat.  I use a garlic infused olive oil.

Once your grill is hot and your coals are ready, put your steak(s) on the grill and situate the onion sections around the outside of the grill where it’s slightly less hot.

As your steak & onions are grilling, season your chicken with lemon pepper and House Spice, both sides.  You can marinade your chicken before hand for a richer flavor, but the lemon pepper and house spice, I’ve found, is an excellent flavor all on its own.

When your steak is cooked to your desired doneness, take it from the grill replacing it with the chicken, and turn the onion sections to their other side.  NOTE: be careful not to let the raw chicken touch the onions – salmonella is not fun.

Once your chicken is done, your onions should be soft, and possibly fairly charred.  This is perfect.  Take everything off the grill.

Now you can separate the onions into their individual rings.  Serve it up as soon as you can.  This is best when it’s nice and hot!



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