Air-tight Seven Fold Burrito

7-fold-burritoHow you fold the tortilla can make or break a burrito.

Utilize a bad fold, and your burrito quickly devolves into a pile of muck that can only be eaten with a fork. This is not only messy, but rather frustrating if you have to interrupt your dinner mid way to go procure utensils you didn’t anticipate the need for. Something about watching a burrito fall apart in your hands is aggravating. When it happens to me, I get the sense that I’ve failed at life somehow.

But use a good fold, and everything stays neatly in place for the duration of the burrito experience. When you finish the last bite of burrito without the need for a fork or even a napkin, there is a victorious cry that arises from deep within. A well folded burrito is like a tiny Fort Knox, holding all of it’s tasty goodness securely within the walls of its tortilla. This is how a burrito should be. A well folded burrito makes even the use of a plate optional.

Through trial and error, and watching the experts at Taco Bell, I’ve developed a method of folding a burrito that is sure to make any burrito experience satisfyingly tidy. I call it the Air-tight Seven Fold Burrito. I’ve tried to clearly illustrate it in these seven easy-to-follow steps. This fold will create a burrito that will hold it’s stuff until the very end.

May it serve you well!


3 thoughts on “Air-tight Seven Fold Burrito

  1. simon says:


  2. shilpi says:

    wonderfully executed

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