House Spice

In many of my recipes, I call for something called House Spice.  This isn’t something you can buy at the store, so I figured I’d include a little explanation – or recipe – for house spice.

In general, when I season vegetables, meat, sauces, pasta, anything really, I begin with a base of a little salt, black pepper, and garlic and then continue on from there.  Instead of getting three different containers out and using each of these one at a time, I combine all three into one.  I got this idea from a good friend* of mine.  Thank you!

Here’s how I put it together:

2 parts salt

1 part ground black pepper

1 part garlic powder

Combine all these into a shaker.  It makes seasoning food so much easier and faster, and it’s good on and in everything!

*Because my friend is my inspiration for this little time-saving trick, I need to show her some love.  So here is a link to her Etsy Shop, Sew Yeah.  She’s an extremely talented quilter and seamstress.  Give it a look!


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